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I recently read a blog post (when I find the link I’ll put it here) about why this man had been blogging for over twelve years. Once upon a time, about twelve years ago, I too began blogging. At first, it was about our adventures living in different parts of the US. Then we had our first child, thus a new blog was born (I can’t even remember what that one was called), it was all about our baby and sharing her with family and friends that we did not live around. Social media was there but not really a big thing. As we had more kids, blogging turned into something that you could make money at. Being the person I am, that was a new goal of mine. Therefore ANOTHER blog was birthed, how to run a home, cook (what I think) is delicious food and homeschool. Because I had to have specific topics to stick to if I wanted to make a side income off of it. Over time it wasn’t fun anymore, the blog died. I found other things that I loved doing that turned into a business, that then turned into me working for a company that does the things I love and now I get to work from home doing what I love and being with my family all day as well.

That is a fun story, what is your point?

Hold on to your britches or knickerbockers, whatever your wearing, I’m getting to it.

My husband and I started a YouTube channel a few months ago. Mainly to document building our home and our adventures in homesteading. It’s been a lot of fun and has kept us accountable in making sure we are getting projects done. Which is great because I tend to not want to do them. Who am I kidding though, I’m more the one that randomly emerges from my hobbit hole (office) to cheer on my husband as he build our house.

“Go, James, go! Looks great honey!”

Now to my point, kinda, I’ll get there. Over the past few weeks I have not been on social media and it has been so wonderful. No more voices of people and their thoughts on everything. Because they are the end all on those opinions right? No more tempting homeschool curriculum to switch to. No more beautiful finished homes I can admire and hope ours gets wrapped up sooner. None of that.

I have switched back to reading blogs…

Mainly because I love them. They are a little piece of someones soul that they are sharing with the world. I choose ones to read that I just thoroughly enjoy. They bring me joy in the mornings, and they only post once a week or less. Therefore, I don’t find myself ‘scrolling’ for who knows how long.

Then I came across the post from the man that continues to blog and still loves it. He had this quote:

Don’t leave writing to writers. Don’t delegate your area of interest and knowledge to people with stronger rhetorical resources. You’ll find your voice as you make your way. There is, however, one thing to learn from writers that non-writers don’t always understand. Most writers don’t write to express what they think. They write to figure out what they think. Writing is a process of discovery. Blogging is an essential tool toward meditating over an extended period of time on a subject you consider to be important.

-Marc Weidenbaum

I have this quote (and not the link) because I saved it 🙂

Any way, I loved this quote. It sparked the desire to blog again and reminded me how much I did love blogging. I won’t be blogging about anything specific. I have no reason to, other than what comes to my mind. Which is why I originally began blogging. Blogging not for anyone else’s sake but for my own. Blogging because I can and want to, not to make money but enjoy it. Blogging to get my thoughts out and to discover what they mean.

So readers, welcome to my own little shire of thoughts and ramblings.